Vorped Shot Charts Updated – Now With More Options

I completed a minor redesign of the shot charts.  The goal was to make the charts easier to comprehend by simplifying the presentation of data.

You’ll find a few new features:

  • A summary text displays above the chart, showing you either the total shot count, field goal percentage, or points per shot of the shots selected.
  • Two new zone options: one for breaking out three pointers, long twos, and twos from the paint, and another one breaking out shots from the left, center, and right side of the court.  The 14-zone visual wasn’t always easy to understand, so hopefully reducing those 14 zones to 3 zones can reduce the mental load.
  • Metrics used to only be shown with the 14-zone visual, but now you can see those metrics on any of the 4 visual options.
  • Team charts and shot chart roulette both have the new shot chart options.

The new shot charts give you quite a bit of flexibility, allowing you to see the player from many different perspectives.  If I were a marketer, I could tell you that there are 9,600 unique ways to cut this shot chart data from the combinations of zone visuals and filter options.  Of course, not all 9,600 ways are useful, but you get the idea.

Please let me know what you think.  For example, check out Kyrie Irving, who apparently scores at least 0.9 points per shot from any distance.

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